Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Breastfeeding: my 2 pence

Right, a bit of background before we start...I have 2 children, I breasfed my eldest until she was around 4 months and I am currently breastfeeding my second child, aged 3 months. Anything else? Oh yeah;
I really bloody hate it.
Now look, I've heard the debate, it's not really something you can get away from as a new mother unless you run to the hills with your bundle of joy where you will be free from the internet, health visitors and, well, people.
"Breast is best"  makes me want to punch people in the face. You cannot simplify such a complex, emotional process into one (really shit) phrase. Not to mention the fact that you are already implying that those who can't, or choose not to (yes that is allowed) breasfeed are what? Not doing the best for their child? Bullshit. Breastfeeding is enough to send even the calmest of us slightly crackers and I'm pretty sure keeping yourself out of an insane asylum is best for your child.
I also don't like the fact that people try and "convince" you that you should breastfeed by banding about quotes and facts about things that may concern you as a mother like childhood illness and  IQ points. I know a mother who has an 8 month old who is exclusively breastfed and he had a really bad cold the day I met him (5 months ago) and I'm pretty sure he's never had rid of it. Kids get sick. No amount of breastmilk can stop that from happening. Regarding the IQ points,  when I got my GCSE results, which were average at best, no where had the examiner written "you were obviously formula fed".
The "debate" for me is by the by. It's not why I would choose to feed or not to feed. Hold your nose people because this is going to be like a bucket of cold water for some of you;
I decided I wanted to give breastfeeding a bash because I am really bloody lazy. Washing up, sterilising, getting up in the night to make a bottle vs lobbing out a boob - I knew which I was going to try first. I now know that it really isn't that simple but I am lucky enough that I could have a go as both my daughters have been prepared to have a go with me, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it just because I'm getting out of washing up duty.
I sweat like I have never sweated before. If I didn't worry that the baby would freeze I would breastfeed in the garden (I live in Northern England - it's cold) wearing only my disgusting nursing bra.
When I move I always get a faint whiff of milk. There's a reason they haven't bottled and sold this particular scent.
It's boring. Well it was before I got addicted to Candy Crush Saga, but it certainly isn't a time I use to bond with my baby, it's pretty difficult to chat to someone who is residing under your left breast.
I'm not keen on the fact that I am solely responsible for feeding my child. My husband can't step in (I'm rubbish at expressing, not to mention the fact that it involves washing up). I can't go and have a lovely day to myself as my child would starve and my boobs would explode.
I hate breastfeeding in public. A midwife once said to me "you are allowed to breastfeed in cafes and things you know, no one can stop you." I don't care if I am allowed. I don't want to. Why would I want to get my boobs out in public??! Last time I checked Costa Coffee was not a strip club and I ain't getting paid!
Natural? Let's get one thing clear; breathing is natural, this is not. Our bodies may make the milk but that's about as far as it goes. It is bloody hardwork, it's relentless, unrewarding, demanding hardwork.
So why do I keep doing it? Well, for now, for me, it's the easiest option. I've learned to live with all the crap things over the last 13 weeks and we are both doing ok at it. However, at the first signs of any real unhappiness from either of us and I would have no qualms about stopping and nor should I.
No mother should ever be made to feel pressure one way or the other about feeding their baby. They should suffer no judgement and no guilt. Advice and support should be given to mums with no bias. But this is not an ideal world, and there will always be one arsehole ready to pounce on you. My advice to you? Do what you want and to hell with people and their opinions. You are a mother, you know best and no matter what you decide, please know that you are doing a really fabulous job.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A week in pictures (and a few words)

Half term... duh duh DUUUHHHH! I'll be honest I was absolutely dreading this. A full week with both girls and no 3 hour preschool on a morning. The solution? Keep busy!

Monday: Mallard 75 -the great goodbye. The railway museum which is 2 minutes away from our house was home to the 6 remaining A4s this week and we were lucky enough to see them all together for possibly the last time.
Tuesday: finally managed to meet up with an old friend, her son and her rather large bump for ice creams (yes I've seen the weather).
Wednesday: a trip to Hardwick park to feed the ducks (and vicious swans :/ ).
Thursday: princess dress shopping!
Saturday: soft play with grandma and grandad.

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One of the 6 A4s
Ice cream chops
Lovely views at Hardwick Park
We love soft play!!
So we made it through half term successfully! Not sure how I'm going to cope in the 6 weeks though :/ 
Hope you all had a fabulous half term and did some well earned memory making :) 

Over and out x 

Friday, 14 February 2014

L2; month two

It is really frightening how quickly the time is going at the moment. Don't get me wrong I can't wait for the sleepless nights to end and the crying to cease slightly but they really are not babies for long enough in my opinion!

Unlocked features:
Starting to hold her head up - during tummy time she has a lot more control of her little wobbly head now!

Events of interest:
First injections :/ - a bloody awful experience but never mind, at least she won't remember it.

Month 2 in pictures:
With her bestie :)
Managing to coordinate fist and mouth now
She always looks so in awe of big sister
Off to the gym :)
Happy 2 months!
Holding her head up
Haha gobsmacked at something l2 is telling her
So that's that, another month tucked under our belts. I hope I can report "sleeping through the night" as an achievement for next month! 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A week in pictures (and a few words) #5+#6

Had a totally manic week last week and didn't get chance to upload anything so I've combined 2 for the price of 1 this time!

Week 5 highlights:
First jabs for L2 this week :/ she was a bit grumpy afterwards but I guess a jab in each leg and a load of gunk in your mouth will have that effect!

L2 went to her first birthday party and we really enjoyed it. The theme was The Little Mermaid and they had really gone to town with the theme...fish shaped sandwiches, all manner of sea creature shaped treats and a loaf of bread which had been hollowed out to make a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins and candy bracelets! Genius! Need to get my thinking cap on for Ls birthday now. 

Desperate to see if L2's eye colour is going to change!
L2 and her bestie who is only 2 weeks younger!
The view from my sick bed this week :(
Some sea creature treats!
Sausages in bed :O
L1's princess facepaint at the party
Homemade sparkly playdough

Week 6 highlights:
Hub was in Norway with work this week! I didn't cope too badly but I did go to my mam's for tea every night so not sure how many points I get for that haha. He did bring me back a Norwegian Mars bar that was called a "JAPP" ha! 

I PASSED!!! The exam resit that I went to Birmingham for the other week was a success!! I am now a fully fledged Dispensing Optician which means I am allowed to dispense specs to kiddos and complex prescriptions now! It has taken me 6 years to get this qualification (it's a 3 year course) but as someone pointed out to me - also in that 6 years I have bought a house, had 2 babies and got married, so maybe I did ok after all. 

Smiler :)
Throwback - my hub when he was about 4 LOL!
Playdough and letter stampers = fun!
Love L1's drawings from preschool
L2 loving my scarf
Happy L2 is 2 months old!!

Phew quite a post. Hope you all had a fab week and are not getting caught in this dreadful weather :( 

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I'm also doing #365daysofinstagram if you want to pop over for a look :) (anyone with OCD probably don't go over there as I got all my numbers mixed up this week so nothing is in order - it's freaking me out a bit) 

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

A week in pictures (and a few words) #4

Yet another week has flown by in the blink of an eye - does anyone else long for the feeling that we had as kids that a day took a week to get over with and next week might as well have been 3 years away?! 


I totally kicked breastfeeding's backside this week. We had a good chat at the beginning of the week and I told it it was my way or the highway - so far it's complying. 

Me and L2 went to a toddler group on Monday which was fab - obviously she didn't get much use out of it but it was nice to chat to the mams from preschool for longer than 3 minutes. 

Friday we had a preschool disco (oooooh) it was quite good actually and L1 thoroughly enjoyed herself. Although I was on the entrance desk and was mugged by a 6 year old for glow sticks :/

Pan Haggerty Lite for tea (thanks hairy bikers)
L1 entertaining herself for quite a while!
Is it just me or are these kids identical?
A trip to the library bus
I did this all by myself mammy!!
Apparently boob isn't enough for this one. 

This week I'm hoping to have a day out with the kids somewhere now that we have managed to get a routine under way. 
Have a lovely week all!!

Over and out x

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Monday, 20 January 2014

A week in pictures (and a few words) #3

Hurrah it's Sunday again. I'm really enjoying taking pictures every week and looking back over them on a Sunday night, it's kind of making me feel like I'm remembering more of the week instead of it being a total blur of the monotony of everyday existence - get up, eat, do jobs, eat, play with children, eat, bed.....

This week got off to a grim start with my breastfeeding struggles (I may or may not post about this I haven't decided yet and don't want to jinx the progress we eventually made!)

L2 started properly holding her head up to confirm our suspicions that she is no longer that tiny little being we brought home 7 weeks ago :(

L1 went to her first dance class this week and thoroughly enjoyed it so we shall be back again this week. It's for 2 - 4yr olds and they do lots of different kinds of dance until they are 4 when they can pick a more specific genre.

I spent a few days with an old friend of mine who has also recently had a baby, she was a preemie born at 33 weeks but is doing nicely now :) Quite funny to see my little porker next to her as she is only a dot.

Sling works wonders to stop the crying!
A beautiful friend bought me this beautiful specimen
My gran´s knitting handiwork!
A lovely muslin pattern
New snacks!!!
Holding her head up
Some playdoh birthday cakes :)

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Over and out :) x


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A week in pictures (and a few words) #2

L1 was back at preschool this week which gives me a few hours to get some jobs done drink lots of tea while clawing back some much needed planner percentage!

The Lakeside darts was on this week and for the first time I watched the majority of it. God I love being on maternity leave.
Not really a highlight but I was in Birmingham this week for a resit exam. If I pass in Feb then I will be a fully qualified Dispensing Optician. It's only been 5 years in the making :/

Breast pad wally :/
Tummy time
What a waste of milk while I was in B'ham
"Mammy take a picure of me and my friends"
Reusing gift bags and Quality Street wrappers
Teeny tiny little feet
Robson Green darts ha!
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